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The link to partnerships, solutions and success in the hospitality industry. Industries: Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Condo Hotels, Vacation Rentals), Real Estate Sales and Development, Property Management, Asset Management. Disciplines: Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, eCommerce. Network: thought leaders across multiple brands; wholesale (domestic, receptive, international), Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), digital (marketing, strategy), real estate (agents, lawyers, development, property managers). 

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Strategy and Execution

Short-term solutions to long-term partnerships. What is your need? Business model development. Project analysis. Interim sales, marketing, revenue management representation. Industry introductions. Vacation rental management. All matters real estate. Services tailored to your needs. 

Change = Opportunities


Never has there been a more exciting time in the hospitality industry. Consolidation (hotel management companies, online travel agencies, suppliers), how people plan and book their travel (Google, meta, mobile, voice), where people stay (hotels, resorts, condo hotels, vacation rentals), when people travel (tomorrow?), where people travel (Hawaii or Havana?). Exponential change equates to unprecedented opportunities to rapidly succeed or fail. Making the connections to succeed in these times of change is not necessarily your business. It is the business of Hospitality Intermediaries LLC. Hawaii hospitality management consultants, connecting clients with solutions.


Dean Anderson

Mr. Anderson specializes in creating value for organizations through analysis and execution. Mr. Anderson is part of a network of industry leaders in hospitality management, sales, marketing, revenue management, eCommerce, real estate and asset management.

- 18-year hospitality veteran

- Hotel, Resort, Condo Hotel, Vacation Rental Experience

- Director positions held in Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management and eCommerce

- Property and corporate office experience

- M.S., Japanese Business Studies: Chaminade University

- M.B.A., Thunderbird School of Global Management

- Completed four eCornell online certification programs

To learn more about Mr. Anderson: www.linkedin.com/in/deanandersonhawaii 

How can we help?

We operate with 100% confidentiality. Your business is your business. Our business is to help your business.

A La Carte Selection of Services

Services to Match Your Needs


Consulting Services to be provided:

☐ Hotel Feasibility Studies

☐  Hotel Marketing and Sales Analysis

☐  Hotel Marketing Plan Strategy & Development

☐  Develop Standardized Sales and Marketing Policies and Procedures

☐  Strategic Hotel Sales and Marketing Coaching and Consulting 

☐  Branding and Positioning

☐  Hotel Web Site Development

☐  Hotel Internet Marketing

☐  Hotel Public Relations and Advertising Plans

☐  Develop Specific Media Schedules to Increase Exposure

☐  Create Demand by Focusing Specifically on Developing Highly Profitable Targeted Niche Markets

☐  Establish & Maintain Social Media Presence

☐  Implement Yield / Revenue Management Strategies

☐  Distribution Management 

☐  OTA Optimization and Management

☐  Conduct Detailed Competitive Analysis: SWOT and Situational Analysis

☐  Develop Strategies that increase Direct, Group and Leisure business

☐  Develop trackable Leisure and Group Packages

☐  Group and Leisure Sales Representation

☐  Develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

☐  Online Reputation Management (Reviews) Strategies and Online Reputation Marketing 


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